Hamilton's complete-service salvage yard

We've got the parts you need

Lovegrove Partco Auto Wreckers in Hamilton is fully stocked with an impressive range of car and motor parts.

Our reconditioned spare parts are fully inspected and carefully restored to an as-new condition. This means you get quality spare parts at a fraction of the cost of brand-new car components.

For more information, or to find out if we have the part you need in stock, please call our salvage yard for friendly service. 

Quality used parts

Used car part in Hamilton

If you have a car that you need removed, give Lovegrove Partco Auto Wreckers a call. Broken down cars are our speciality; we'll come to you and take any type of car off your hands.

For popular makes and models you can expect highly reasonable prices. For fast car removal in the greater Hamilton area, speak to us today. 

Car removal

Salvage yard in Hamilton

Lovegrove Partco Auto Wreckers has a complete selection of quality used car parts in Hamilton. Our salvage yard has an excellent selection, with all major makes and models represented. You'll find everything you need at Lovegrove Partco Auto Wreckers, including parts from late-model vehicles. Our spare parts are reconditioned with care to ensure that they provide the same service as factory-new spares. 

Installation service

Man installing car part

At our salvage yard in Hamilton, we take care to ensure that all our recycled spare parts are of the highest possible quality.

Along with offering great parts, Lovegrove Partco Auto Wreckers provides an expert installation service to ensure that your new components are properly fitted in your vehicle.